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My Story

Before I retired in 2007, I had the idea that I wanted to make “boxes” out of wood. I had no idea what they would be like. I had some basic carpentry skills and loved to work with wood. My first box was simple, three rows of three long strips of wood encased in a frame. As I stated to get more involved with the components of my work…a small block, a triangle or a circle of wood, I started appreciating the uniqueness of each piece. The imperfections are perfection because each individual piece of wood is different than all of the others. In many cases, each piece is a little work of art in and of itself within the larger structure. Sometimes I have to work on ideas, other times, they just come. I start with a concept and usually do not know where it will lead but I am always pleased with the results. I do not know where all of this came from but it is something inside of me that probably was always there and I feel blessed that I am able to express myself in this medium. At one point, the boxes became a metaphor for my retirement in terms of stepping out of the “box”, the life that I had before which left me very little time to explore my creativity.

I am available for commissions.

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